About NetConnect Healthcare Systems, LLC

      NetConnect Healthcare Systems (NCHS) was incorporated in 2006 but has been in development for over thirty years. The principal and lead developer has been in the healthcare IT industry since 1981, when healthcare software was in its infancy and most of the technology we have today was science fiction. Since then he has been involved in a number of companies that are still actively providing solutions, including one he founded and sold. With the rapid advances in programming languages and databases, NCHS has been able to create a product unlike any other available in the industry. Microsoft has recognized this, and we are now pleased to announce that we have been accepted into the Microsoft Partner Network. Our suite of products are truly web based and customizable to any practice’s needs. The software is new from the ground up and intuitively designed so anyone who is comfortable on the World Wide Web can adjust quickly to the features we bring to your practice.

      With our experience we realize that more goes into practice management and electronic medical records software than just programming. We have assembled a team of experienced technical support and implementation specialists to ease the transition into our products and rapidly resolve any issues you may have. Our sales team has been assembled from experienced consultants to show you how our products can increase practice efficiency, while creating a better patient experience and increasing revenue.